Glamping in Michigan


My husband and I spent the last week camping at Port Crescent State Park located at the tip of the thumb.  Dave would definitely consider this to be “glamping” for several reasons.  1- We barely fit all our supplies for the week in his CRV.  He’s used to fitting everything into a backpack.  2- There are indoor bathroom facilities including showers.  They are actually kept up quite well considering they are public restrooms.  3- We had electricity at our lot, which means we brought our mini leg lamp.


It was a pretty easy week even though some would say we were “roughing it”.  It was so nice to sleep as late as we wanted and then eat a delicious breakfast sandwich prepared on our electric skillet.  This is one of the few times I buy real bacon, and it was worth every calorie and ounce of grease.  We would hang around the campsite then for a couple of hours, enjoying our lakefront view before heading down to the beach.  In the evenings we enjoyed campfires with the whole family, laughing about funny stories from previous camping trips and enjoying the singing entertainment from his Mom and Aunt.


If you’re ever in the area, make sure to visit Grindstones, home of the largest ice cream cone.  They should pay anyone who manages to finish a double size cone.  It’s seriously enough to feed a family of 5!  This one is a baby, which is the smallest size you can order.


Port Crescent is a great camping location for anyone.  The lake very gradually gets deeper, so young kids have plenty of space to play in the water.  The view from the front row is spectacular, especially during sunsets.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys camping and a little time in the sun also!


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