Addicted to Sweet Potatoes!

So I know some people can’t stand sweet potatoes, but I LOVE them!  I could probably eat them every day, at least for a couple of weeks until I got tired of eating the same thing.

It all began with my Grandma.  She would always make sweet potato casserole topped with mini marshmallows for Thanksgiving for me and my Dad.  I think we were the only ones in the family who actually looked forward to eating sweet potatoes, although other family members would take a small spoonful to be nice.  Since she passed away, I’ve often been the one to make sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving, even though most of my family still doesn’t care for it.  I’ve even gone to the extreme of making it from scratch, although I’m not sure if my Grandma did or not.

That was the extent of my exposure to sweet potatoes until the last year or two when I discovered sweet potato fries.  Amazing!  I tried them first at a restaurant, but then got adventurous for my cooking skills at the time, and tried to make them at home.  They turned out great!  The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t re-heat as well.  The flavor is still great though, so I’ll eat the leftovers re-heated.

Since then I’ve experimented with a lot of sweet potato recipes I found online.  Here’s a few of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy!

Spiralized Mexican Sweet Potato Casserole from SkinnyTaste’s website

I purchased a spiralizer about 6 months ago and it was worth every penny.  I use it for zucchini a lot, along with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are so difficult to cut sometimes, so this really makes it easy.

Pulled Pork Sweet Potatoes from Skinny Mom’s website:

This is a quick and easy recipe.  Just cook the pork in the slow cooker during the day and then microwave some sweet potatoes when you’re ready to eat.

Shoestring Sweet Potato Fries from Sweet C’s website:

I just discovered this recipe a couple of weeks ago and love how easy it is.  Once again, the spiralizer makes cutting up the tough sweet potatoes so much easier.  Make sure you cover the potatoes in oil and keep mixing them around as you bake them or they will burn!  I will add some cayan pepper to give it a kick sometimes.

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup from Rachael Ray

I often simplify this recipe, combining the sweet potatoes, onion, carrot, olive oil and chicken broth.  Then I’ll add some cayan pepper to give it a kick.  Bacon is great in it, but I don’t always want to spend the extra money on it so I often omit it.  This makes a great lower calorie soup to serve as an appetizer or with a salad.

I have several more recipes on my list to try.  Can’t wait to make them and let you know how they taste!



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