Hiking in the Midwest

I love fall!  Ok, really I look forward to every season, other than maybe winter.  I like the first snow or two, but by mid-January I’m ready for spring temps again.

This past weekend was GORGEOUS and felt like fall!  Temperatures were perfect to enjoy the outdoors.  So, my husband and I decided to take a little trip to Clifty Falls State Park.  We tried camping there a few years ago, but when we pulled up to our lot that evening, we decided it was literally the worst spot in the entire campground so we left.

This was our view from our campsite...the bathroom!
This was our view from our campsite…the bathroom!

Our trip this weekend wasn’t much better.

Our first stop was Clifty Falls (there’s four falls in the park).  We decided to hike to the little falls first, and then to the bigger falls.  They’re very close to each other, probably a half mile apart.  Unfortunately, it’s been pretty dry in Indiana over the last couple of weeks, so there wasn’t much water going over the falls.  It was still pretty, but would have been more impressive in the spring.  The canyon-like area by the falls is something to take in.  I don’t know that there’s any other place in Indiana like it.

clifty falls

After our view of the falls, we ate a picnic lunch which was outstanding in my opinion.  I was the one who prepared it though, so I guess my opinion doesn’t count.

Then we decided to look through the campground again, this time in the daylight.  There were a couple of ok lots, but really not worth the money in my opinion.  If you were just trying to see how your kids would handle camping, then it would be ok.  If you just wanted to get drunk, then it would probably be awesome for you.  Half of the lots don’t have any shade.  A couple foot patch of tall grass is all that separates most of the lots.  There’s much better parks in Indiana, like Yelllowwood or Summit Lake though if you’re looking for a more scenic camping location.  And if you really want to rough it (as roughing it as it gets in Indiana), try back country camping on the Knobstone Trail!


Overall it was good to get out of the house on a beautiful day though.  We spent a few hours enjoying nature, and then went to REI to buy gear for our big trip out West next fall.  More about that later!


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